Weekend News Notes – January 3-4, 2015

With this post, I hope to begin the practice of posting “News Notes” every Saturday (this ones a bit early). A lot of this will just be stuff that is happening in my life, things I find of interest, thoughts on the Sunday Mass readings and liturgical texts, etc. It is kind of a work in progress right now so bear with me. (I am always open to constructive feedback on these posts. Also not sure what to call it yet: “Pastor’s Posts” ….)

– Just spent a week with family back in New England. Mom and I spent three days alone up at the small cottage (it is winterized, the other cottage is not) in Pine Point ME. We really didn’t do too much. She got a lot of TLC from me and I got a lot of rest. The only thing we worked on was the list of family and friends for the invitations to the installation Mass. My sister Anne Marie and my niece Molly came up on Wednesday to spend the rest of the weekend with Mom until they come home on Sunday.

Pine Point

– Plans for the Evening Prayer and the Installation Mass are moving forward. I will take possession of the cathedral at Evening Prayer on Wednesday, January 28 at 7:00 PM. I also hope to be able to greet and meet a lot of the ecumenical, inter-faith, and civil authorities at the liturgy. Besides freeing up some seats for the Mass on Thursday, this saves all of them from having to sit through a long Catholic Mass of installation. By the way, all are welcome to attend Evening Prayer who wish to do so. It will be in Immaculate Conception Cathedral.

– The staff at the Catholic Center in Burlington VT are doing a great job putting everything together. Since the Mass will take place during Catholic Schools Week I have asked to have children and young people from our schools serve at Mass as acolytes and Cross and candle bearers wearing their school uniforms. Efforts are also being made to try and put together a children’s choir from our schools to sing along with the cathedral choir but time is a bit short with the Christmas vacation and the quickness of the installation.

– Speaking of the date for the installation, it came together rather quickly because of schedules. Cardinal O’Malley has to be in Rome early February for meetings with the Holy Father followed by a Consistory so his schedule was very tight. Church law also requires a bishop who is already ordained to take possession of his Diocese within 60 days of his being named the Ordinary. Finally, if we waited too late into February for the installation, we were into school vacation weeks and it would have been difficult to book hotel rooms for out of state guests. So January 29 it is.

Speaking of January 29th, because it is a simple ferial day (a weekday in Ordinary Time) I was able to choose to use the Votive “Mass for the New Evangelization which was published in 2012. Besides being a beautiful Mass, it really speaks to what I hope to focus on in Vermont.

While on my Christmas break, I was able to get well into two books which I would like to recommend: Strengthen Your Brothers: Letters of Encouragement from an Archbishop to His Priests by Archbishop Peter Sartain and Faith of Our Fathers by Eamon Duffy. Both are good reads. I also caught the last of the Hobbit movies (being a huge Tolkein fan how could I not?). It was diverting enough and I am not that much of a nit-picker to complain about things and events that were not in the book. A few other books I finished: Personal by Lee Childs (the latest Jack Reacher), The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester (classic sci-fi: so-so with a typical 50’s science fiction weird ending), and The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman (a quick but fun read). I also watched way too many bowl games.

Well, I am on a flight back to Indianapolis. We are heading right into a headwind which is bouncing us all over the place. Good thing I am not a nervous flier … Anyway, keep me in your prayers please. God bless.



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joanne miceli-bogash
January 3, 2015 12:27 pm

Have added the books you’ve read to my own reading list, and being a graphic novel fan, Gaiman’s for sure! You are in my prayers, and I know the installation and surrounding activities will be wonderful. God bless you, your mom and family

Dear Bishop Coyne,

We share your excitement and we wish you every grace and blessing in your new ministry. Don’t forget your friends at Marian University Indianapolis. We’re praying for you and we’re here for you whenever you need us. Ad multos annos.

Prayers and blessings as you continue on your way! The cottage and time with your mom sound like a lovely moment of peace and calm!

Deacon Michael McGuire
January 3, 2015 9:29 pm

Dear Bishop,

We met several years ago at the Cathedral of St. Raymond Nonatus in Joliet, Il. We have also heard you speak a couple of times in Indianapolis. We congratulate you on your recent selection as Bishop of Burlington. God’s people in Vermont are getting a true pastor and leader. Their gain is INDYS loss. Godspeed on your journey and thank you for your service to the Church.

Elaine Greene Smith
January 4, 2015 6:42 pm

I am a former So. Portland, Irish Mainer (familiar with Pine Point and my favorite, Higgins Beach in Scarborough), and via a 26 year life in Connecticut, am now a 33 yr. Vermonter and member of St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Windsor. Look forward to meeting you one day.

We so look forward to your arrival and installation as our new Bishop. Vermont, being the most un-churched State in our Union, is ripe for a New Evangelization and the faithful you are coming to serve are more than up for the challenge of following a shepherd such as you. Welcome, welcome, welcome and all of God’s blessings to you as you embark on this next journey of faith. Alleluia!!!!