Update on podcasts and other odds and ends

I broke down and bought some high quality recording equipment so the sound on the podcasts should be going up in a couple of weeks (I already have two more podcasts to post using the old equipment).  A big thank-you to my two friends, Fr. Mark Hunt and Charlie Ross, for helping to straighten out the subscription issue.  

If you wish to subscribe to my podcasts on iTunes, first delete all of my podcasts that you already have in your iTunes library.  Then go the ADVANCED pull-down menu in iTUNES and go to the second item Subscribe to Podcast … In the URL box enter: http://bishopcoyne.epeko.com/feed/let-us-walk-together. Click “okay.”

You will end up with 1 podcast icon – and when you double click on the podcast icon, you will see a listing of all the podcasts. iTunes will then check once a day depending on the settings in the subscribe and settings buttons at the bottom of the page.

As far as future topics for a podcast, please let me know.  I’m open to you suggestions.



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I am enjoying the podcasts on the New Missal as they are very informative. After talking to our Parish Coordinator, I have posted links for them on our Parish website in hopes that more will listen to them. Sometimes, we so-called old Catholics think there is not much to learn anymore and the converts put us to shame. I think some of the controversy is because of a lack of trying to answer the question “why” which is what these do in explaining the changes.
Thanks to you and Father Pat for taking the time for these.

Fr. Haley’s funeral mass yesterday was beautiful! Wonderful music and Fr. Mark Mahoney did an outstanding job w/the homily. (More like a roast.)Full house. Everyone wishes you were here…