Tweeting at the Jennings County Fair

I had my first experience of an Indiana county fair on Thursday night, June 24.  I tweeted and photographed the whole time I was there.  Here are the tweets as they happened.  Please note this is all intended in fun.  I loved the fair and I love being in Indiana.

6:31 PM Jennings County Fair here I come! Late getting here. Fr. Meyer of St Josephs is driving.
6:35 PM Shoot. No tractor pull. Track too muddy. Tractors getting stuck.
6:37 PM  Record attendance last night. Missed the baby contest. I guess every kid under one years old gets entered and judged as cute or not cute.
6:40 PM  There is also a little miss and mr Jennings County. The little girl who won is Catholic. Wants to meet the bishop.
6:42 PM Free admission. Woohoo!
6:44 PM “Good evening. How’s the corn doing?”
6:47 PM  Checking out the 4H projects. There’s one for Lego construction.  Cool.
6:51 PM  Where’s the goats?
6:52 PM  I was just told that Ashley’s calf has just won reserve grand champion.
Whatever that means.
6:59 PM  I still haven’t eat’n anything fried yet.
7:05 PM  People are chasing goats in the ring. I’m not sure why.

7:06 PM  Oh. They’re getting ready to show them. I’ve been told all the goats are Catholic. 
Whatever that means.
7:09 PM Goats
7:10 PM  Sorry. Catholic goats. 
Whatever that means.
7:14 PM Boy they certainly do have some interesting categories around here.
7:15 PM “Hey how’s your corn doin’?”
7:16 PM  Pigs. Cool.
7:18 PM  Fr. Meyer has been asked to “show a pig”. Whatever that means.
7:19 PM  Show a pig what?
7:20 PM  Ms. Jennings County Fair and moi. 
7:23 PM  Pigs. Fr. Meyer is disappointed that they’re not fighting. Me too.
7:26 PM  Cows. I’ve been told they are Catholic. 
Whatever that means. 
I’ve been asked to bless them. 
7:31 PM  Me blessings the Catholic cows. 
Whatever that means. 
One of them left me an offering on my right shoe.
7:40 PM  Fr. Meyer is showing his pig. 
Whatever that …
7:42 PM  Shoot! Lost the pic of Fr Meyer and the pig.
7:54 PM  I’ve been invited inside to fry things.  Cool.
7:56 PM “How’s corn doin’?”
8:00 PM  Suppah!
8:18 PM  I call this “Jurassic Pork!”
8:27 PM  I’m going for the Twinkie. Can hardly wait.
8:28 PM  Waiting in line for the Twinkie. Surreal moment as I just found out there are people here following my tweets. One right next to me. 
8:29 PM “Hey. How’s your corn?”
8:32 PM  Twinkie followed by a deep fried jalepeno. 
8:36 PM  Omg. I’m having a hahrt attack! “Elizabeth, it’s the big one!”
8:46 PM  One of my followers.
8:48 PM  Looks like rain. “Run Toto run!”
8:50 PM  Running out juice. Will be signing off soon.
8:51 PM  Memo to self – No black shirts at county fair.
8:59 PM  Heading out. It was wicked awesome. Met a lot of great people.
9:03 PM  In the cahr going home. One of us has something on our shoes. I think it’s Fr Meyer. He says it smells like “money”. 
Whatever that means.



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THAT’S IT!?!?!?!?!?!? you didn’t find out who baptized the livestock. Huge disappointment your excellency, huge disappointment 🙁

Ahh, this was great!

Ahhhh, Bishop Coyne?… is that a “Colts” hat you are wearing? Say it ain’t so!- JKiley, Westwood MA.

It is what it is. It was the only hat I had in the car.

If cows were Catholic.. then India would have been converted ages ago!!!!!!!! And this i speak as an Indian Catholic..

Fr. Meyer and I grew up in the same parish, which was definitely not in farm country, so I’d be pretty amused to see him showing a pig. Too bad you lost the picture! Looks like you had a good time, though!

Julie – I’ve been told there is a video out there of Fr. Meyer “showing the pig” and that it is on the way to me via email. will post a link when I get it.