“The throne of grace”

Found this during my travels in the ‘net …
“When we come to pray to the heavenly father, we are not shouting across a great gulf. We are not trying to catch the attention of someone who has little or no concern for us… We are coming to ‘the throne of grace’ … and we may and must come boldly and confidently. This isn’t arrogance. Indeed, if we understand who Jesus is, what he’s done and what he’s still doing on our behalf, the real arrogance would be to refuse to accept his offer of standing before the father on our behalf, to imagine that we had to bypass him and try to do it all ourselves. What is on offer, for those who come to God through Jesus, is ‘mercy and grace’: mercy to set us free from the sin and folly in which we would otherwise sink completely; grace, to strengthen us and set us on our feet for our own lives of service and witness.”

From Tom Wright, Hebrews for Everyone (London: SPCK, 2003), p. 45



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Your Excellency–

1–I posted about this on my blog, and recommended people read it. It’s good.

2–I would like to apologize to you personally for some of the things I have said, and the anger i have expressed towards the hierarchy, the episcopacy and the presbyterate. This is occasioned by the First Reading yesterday, the 31st Sunday in Ordinary time. It took me aback, and made me look at myself in a critical way (critical in the sense of “critical thinking”)

3–I would like to opportunity to write to you, or corresponds in some way, both apologize to you, and ask your advice of how to do what should come next, which is penance.