The “Martyrs’ Project” Podcast – Part 1

January 8, 2013

With this podcast, I begin the first of three conversations with Michael Bell and Duane Arnold. Duane and Michael founded “The Martyrs’ Project,” an Indianapolis based endeavor that takes the words of various Christian martyrs through the ages, many times the words uttered just prior to their death, and interprets them through various original musical compositions and genres. Intrigued by the meaning of martyr in Greek (marturious, “to witness”), Duane and Michael and I converse about their faith journeys in Jesus Christ that found direction and depth through the study of Church History and the Fathers of the Church. They note the profoundness of the martyrs in that they not only gave their lives because of their relationship with Jesus Christ, they died forgiving their executioners. The discussion highlights the Christian historical grounding of liturgy and social justice without drawing false division between the two.