Random Musings of Faith – July 30, 2014

“Just do it.”

I’m trying to take two walks a day on the beach. Unless I’m with somebody else, I listen to something on my iPhone. Right now, I’m in the middle of one of those free courses one can get on iTunesU, “A History of Modern Philosophy.” It’s always good to go back to basics …

Yesterday and today, the professor has been presenting on Pascal’s Christianity and Spinoza’s Deism. At one point, the prof was discussing Pascal’s “Pensées” and his famous “Wager.” Pascal concludes that to act as if one believed in God and his commandments, even if one did not believe, was a logical choice – a good wager – because it was ultimately in one’s eternal best interest to do so. But he doesn’t just leave it there. He goes on to further say that the very act of choosing to believe in God and follow the teaching of Christ – to act in that way ethically and morally – will ultimately lead to belief. Just as one can smile at times even though one does not feel like smiling, if you smile enough you will eventually become happy. To act is to become ….

While there is a lot of room for debate here, there is also a lot of truth. How do I come to know and love God? – by serving him. In my own efforts to know and love Jesus in a personal way, there is prayer, there is Scripture, there is the teaching of the Church, the Fathers, the saints, good authors, great art and poetry.  Yet, there are also the corporal works of mercy by which I serve my brothers and sisters in need. I come to know Christ and love Him in them. To act is to become ….




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A wonderful reflection…I am enjoying these entries a lot, Bishop. Why don’t you go on vacation every week? 🙂