It has been a while since my last post.  Sorry about that.  Things have been a bit busy of late. I never realized how much reading and writing (homilies and talks) I would have to put together in my work as a bishop.  I could spend all day just reading the materials from the Holy See, the Conference, and the various agencies of the archdiocese… not that I’m complaining.  Anyway it has not all been work.  I have been able to celebrate some Confirmations, visit some parishes, attend my first Spanish Mass, have dinner with priests, and get to a Pacers game (my Celtics lost).  I now have a “Butler” hoodie (Go Dawgs!) and I joined a gym.  I’ve worked out a three mile walking route around the canal here in the city and it is 1.7 miles from the rectory to the Catholic Center.  I’ve also been prowling around the city and its environs looking for good ethnic food.  Maybe that’s why I had to join a gym.  I like Shapiro’s Deli.  I’ve been there twice and their pastrami is first rate.  I have tried a couple of Italian places but they have not been all that good.  I will happily settle for Italian-Italian or American- Italian, if you know what I mean.  I am also looking for good Chinese (not Polynesian Chinese), Greek, and Korean food.  Any suggestions my readers might have for me in the Indy area are greatly appreciated.

I went to see Archbishop Daniel at the rehab hospital.  He is convalescing well and is alert and lucid.  We had a good conversation and he gave me some direction regarding things that are going on in the archdiocese and answered some of my questions for me.  His physical recovery will take some time but he says his spirits are good and he thanks everyone for their prayers.

And I am going to stop procrastinating ….  starting tomorrow.



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The most shocking thing in all of this, Bp Coyne, is that the Pacers won a game! LOL. Have you been to Milano Inn (italian) yet? Shapiro’s is great, if you can afford it. My grandmother lamented last week that you gotta take out a loan to eat there these days. I have been procrastinating on my blog as well, which is a no go right now. I think I am more focused on teaching and taking classes at CTU. Peace.

I am so glad I am not the only procrastinator these days. My excuse? Stomach bug. Not a happy experience. I’ll get back to my blog soon enough. Gotta take care of the “day job” first!

Glad to here you are settling in yet not losing your New England flair! I’ll continue to send prayers out for you and the Archbishop – sounds like you are getting the “baptism by fire” treatment. Happens to all of us sooner or later. 😉

Take care! J

Hi Bishop Coyne!
As a local who *loves* ethnic restaurants, may I suggest a few for you to try?
I have not tried this one myself (yet!), but many people have highly recommended this place as the best authentic Italian in town: Capri, located near 71st and Keystone. It’s one of Indy’s best kept Italian secrets, apparently!
If you like Indian, India Garden, downtown at New York and Delaware, has a *great* lunch buffet.
Thai is best in Fountain Square, on Virginia Avenue – it’s called Siam Square.
On East Street, near Holy Rosary, there is an incredible Turkish place called Bosphorous Istabul Cafe.
Also, there is a Moroccan restaurant called Saffron Cafe on Fort Wayne Avenue, near one of those weird 5-way intersections Indy seems to have in abundance. To be honest, I found the food to be similar to Bosphorous, but not as good…
Hope you enjoy!
God bless you and give you peace!+

And you said you wanted Greek!
Santorini’s, also in Fountain Square on Prospect Street is AWESOME.
Also, there’s a good Chinese place on the east side of town, at 13th and Arlington called Oriental Inn that a lot of people really enjoy…but I’m not sure if it’s actual Chinese or American or Polynesian…

Hmmm… I see that no one has suggested authentic ethnic cuisine restaurants on the north side of town. Well, let’s fill in the blanks.

Hellas Cafe,
Banura I,

Istanbul Cafe:
El Morroco: 1260 W 86th St, 317-844-1104
Mix 5 (Iraqi): 2989 W 71st St Ste 3, 317-298-5255

There are numerous, authentic, ethnic restaurants surrounding the intersection of West 86th Street and Ditch Road. You might be able to rustle up a meal a day for a month in this area alone.

Head eastbound on Pendeton Pike from I-465. Most of the Korean restaurants are located between Franklin Road and Post Road. I can recommend Bando (8015 Pendleton Pike Ste F) and Hisago (4779 N Post Rd).

Sad to say, I have not found authentic Italian cuisine – NOT Italian-American – anywhere in Indy. If you can find good brodo, pasta fresca, gnocchi, or roasted uccellini allo spiedo with authentic polenta, please let me know!

Authentic ethnic cuisine can be found all over the Indy metro area. There are a few hole-in-the-wall African restaurants, too. Keep your eyes and ears open for “Taste Of” events, also.

Happy Exploring!

Hmmm, procrastination…..I prefer to think of it as “working well under pressure” !!

Well, I don’t know what Polynesian Chinese is, but there’s a little place on the south side near my old apartment that I love. It’s called Great Wall and it’s in a run down little strip mall at Hannah and Keystone (go south off of 65). I admit it looks a little sketchy, but I’ve never had any problems there. I guess it depends on whether or not you like to take risks!

sounds like you have had your hands full since being in Indianapolis..i bet you are missing Blue sorry to hear of the Archbishop’s stroke and will pray for a full recovery for him..i am sure he is very glad to have you there..we all miss you a lot, but Fr. Chris is doing a nice job..he is so pleasant..all the flowers are starting to son is a good photographer and is going to take a picture of the daffodils at the church when they are up and we will send it to you..enjoy the blog and the podcasts..nice to hear your voice..God Bless..

I agree with Santorinis for Greek also give Athen’s on 86th a try they have great seafood, for Italian I would head to Mama Carolla’s on E. 54th or Amici’s on East New York, the Capri is not worth the trip, I am not a big Chinese fan so we usually go to PF Changs on E. 82nd. Good luck with your dining………

Bishop, there is a wonderful Italian restaurant just south of Shapiro’s (right before the I-70 overpass): Iozzo’s Garden of Italy ( It is a special-occasion type of place, but still a relaxed atmosphere with friendly staff and, of course, very good food. I’ve taken my mom and out-of-town guests there and they all loved it!
-Tom Nichols

Greek! I agree that Santorinis just east of Fountain Square (1417 Prospect Street) is fabulous, and so is Athen’s on 86th (2284 W 86th Street). Another is the Greek Islands – just south of Shapiro’s at 906 South Meridian Street. I haven’t been there for a while, so you might wait for a second recommendation.

Italian – Fresh Air on NPR recently had an interview with food writer John Mariani you might find interesting – talking about the various types of Italian cooking – promoting his book “How Italian Food Conquered The World”
Mama Carollas is very good.

Finally, the New York Times wrote up Honey Creek Plaza on W 38th street as a most unlikely place to find various ethnic foods – see I’ve not sampled any of them, but intend to.