Podcasts I listen to when driving or walking ….

In no particular order ….

-“Stuff You Should Know” – love Josh and Chuck and their quirky take on things.

“Catholic Stuff You Should Know” – Modeled after the above podcast, from a group of young priests. Light-hearted and informative.

– “Channel 33” especially for ‘The Ringer Tech Podcast’ With Molly McHugh. She has only had two episodes but if you’re into tech, you’ll enjoy them. The rest of the podcasts are pretty eclectic and fun, although PG13 (crude language) in some instances.


– “You Must Remember This” If you are into Hollywood history and old movies, this is the place.

– “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” – Weekly NPR radio show: funny and timely

– “This American Life” – another great podcast from NPR with all kinds of interesting stories usually around one particular topic.


– “Desert Island Discs” – very British but a lot of fun. Guests are invited to talk about the eight records/songs they would take with them on a desert island.

– “Revisionist History” – From Malcolm Gladwell. It hasn’t started uploading yet but I can’t wait as I really enjoy his books and his other podcast appearances.



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Michele MacEachern
June 13, 2016 2:53 pm

Thank you, Bishop Coyne, for a bit of lightheartedness in this world of ours! I, too, favor NPR series. Is Lake Woebegone too folksy for your taste?

I usually listen to “A Prairie Home Companion” at the computer while working.

Paul Turnley
June 13, 2016 3:12 pm

Great tips…thanks