One Pastor – Multicultural Parish, part 3

Bishop Christopher Coyne (Auxiliary Bishop, Archdiocese of Indianapolis) concludes a three-part podcast with Father Robert Murray (Pastor, Saint James and Saint John the Baptist Parishes in Haverhill Massachusetts and a Boston diocesan priest for more than 23 years) discussing what it means to pastor multi-cultural parishes. In this third podcast, Father Murray recalls the ‘practicals’ of working towards unity in parish life. While ministry to the particular cultural populations in a parish is necessary and important, so too is the work of witnessing to the life and teaching of Jesus Christ as a singular, unified community of faith. The podcast concludes with Father Murray offering some advice to those ministering in multicultural apostolates. It is not primarily about the skills one possesses (Father Murray mentions that he knew not a word of Vietnamese prior to his present assignment) but the fact that one is sent to the People of God as pastor-servant. Treasuring parishioners as the People of God is the basis for any ministry, regardless of the number of cultures present in the parish.



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