Canonicity and the Bible – Pt 1

In this first of four podcasts, Bishop Coyne and Fr. Mark Hunt, Associate Professor at Holy Family University and priest of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia begin a conversation concerning the nature and development of the “canon” or content of the Bible.  Their discussion will involve topics such as: How were the books of the Bible collected? Who decided what books would be included and which would be left out? What appears to have been the criteria used?  What do we say about the apocryphal or extra-biblical books and gospels?

Future podcasts on this topic will concern matters revolving around biblical interpretation and inspiration as well as the use of the human sciences in doing so.  This will include as well a discussion on the Church’s tradition and teaching in these matters.

This topic is the first of many recommended by listeners of these podcasts.  Thanks to all for their suggestions.  The next one will be one on the formation of the Sunday, weekday, and holy day Lectionary.



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