Podcast: The Martyrs’ Project – Part 3

January 21, 2013

In this final segment of my conversation with Duane Arnold and Michael Bell we discuss the tensions that exist in the present culture around the whole issue of the nature of suffering and martyrdom. We discuss, for example, the difference between the martyrdom that Archbishop Romero suffered and the martyrdom that is embraced by some terrorist extremists. Death and suffering within the Christian context are always connected to the person of Christ and his death on the Cross. In addition, we talk about how the whole life of the Christian is one in which we move more deeply into a life of sacrifice so that the idea of dying for something is not all that foreign because we have been dying to so many other things already. Next, we turn to the person of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a martyr at the hands of Nazi Germany, and the song they have created around Bonhoeffer’s words of martyrdom. Finally, we talk about the anonymous words of martyrdom found at the Ravensbruck Concentration Camp and the incredible act of forgiveness of ones persecutors found in these words.