Pictures from my visit to St. Mary’s School in Middlebury

9:00 AM Mass followed by a visit to the school. Greeted at the door.


Boy those kids in Middlebury sure do have the stingiest school uniforms.IMG_1441

Snack time with the 4th graders and Fr. Beaudin.IMG_1421

Getting ready for an excursion with the nursery school kids. “Somebody help Grandpa up … “IMG_1428

A nice prayer written for me by the 4th graders.IMG_1426

Another prayer for me from the 2nd-3rd graders.IMG_1435

Yours truly with the 4th grade class and teacher.IMG_1425



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Dear Bishop Coyne,
I am happy you’ve made time to visit the children in Middlebury. I hope you will soon have time to get to know the priests in Vermont. Start with each Deanery. Don’t wait until you visit each parish. Your Priests need positive support and communication from you, their new shepherd. I think they should be a top priority. They are truly the presence of God in our lives, sacrificing daily.
Thank you for your consideration and openness that allows to communicate with you.
Lee Forte

I have a meeting with all the priests scheduled for wednesday March 18 and am in the process of scheduling meetings at the deanery level.