“On the road” – February 25, 2015



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[responsive_video link="https://vimeo.com/120618090";] Your link includes the final set of quotation marks which brings it to We couldn’t find that page. Please revise your link to

without the ” and then it works.

Not sure what the issue is? how are you trying to access the video?

Great “On the Road” posts! Hope to see you at St. Andrew’s in Waterbury some time soon!
With Prayers,
Jeanne Penoyar

Blessings to you, Bishop and on all your work in ministry! Do take care of YOU as you take care of your flock! A note of care – I noticed that your seatbelt needs adjusted a bit higher to keep you safe in your travels. May your Lenten journey this year in Vermont be fruitful for you and all those you meet! Peace+