Not a Top Ten List but … My favorite blogs, websites, etc. (Pt. deux)

Just a continuation of my new years “list” of blogs, podcasts, and internet sites that I follow. Once again, the opinions expressed at these links are those of the author and not necessarily my own (or those of my sainted mother.)

Jesuit father Antonio Spadaro’s website, “CyberTheology Daily” offers a whole menu of items that runs from the theological to the technical to the artistic.  Fr. Spadaro is Editor in Chief of the periodical “La Civilta Cattolica,” a professor at the Pontifical Gregorian University and a member of the Pontifical Council for Social Communication.  There is always something of interest here for my daily read.

From the western side of the Atlantic, there is Real Clear Religion, a site that offers daily links about religion of an interfaith, mostly American purview.  This is one of those sites that can at times make me crazy with some of its postings (especially as concerns the Catholic Church), but for a place to go to get a sense of what’s “out there” in terms of the public discourse concerning religion, this is one of the best.  

From the Catholic Church in U.K., we get the Catholic Herald, the webpage linked to the “Catholic Herald” newspaper.  The stories are well written and the linked bloggers usually offer an interesting read. 

As far as my daily news reads go, I follow the NY Times, The Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, ESPN, and SI.  For weekly reading, there is America magazine and the Tablet.  The National Catholic Register is a daily “click” and Our Sunday Visitor, a weekly one.

One site that I visit everyday just because it always seems to have something of interest for my ‘eclectic’ tastes is the WSJ’s Idea’s Market. You just gotta love a site that has stories like, “The Math of Legos,””Roller Coaster Safety for Scaredy-Cats,” and “Are Old Italian Violins Over-Rated?”  In addition the Opinionator out of the NY Times certainly posts columns that are substantial and good food for thought, though I find myself agreeing or disagreeing about 50% of the time.

From just the pure tech-side, a handy resource is the site AllThingsD.  It has all kinds of great postings from both the Mac and the PC side of things as well as business news and all things social media.

For daily prayer and some words about the Saint of the Day, there is the Universalis website.  The free text of the Daily Prayer and the readings for Mass does not follow the official texts (that requires a minimal paid subscription), but if you are looking for a place on the web that has it all for free, here it is.

In part 3, I will share thoughts on some of my favorite “personal” blogs …



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