“Everything you wanted to know about liturgy*”

This the first of a twelve part series I did for CatholicTV back in 2014 (Must have been during the summer as I have no beard). I had done 12 back in 2013 and had linked to them but I never got around to sharing these on my blog. So for the next 12 weeks or so, I’ll be posting a new one online. 



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Good description. How about reminding everyone from the pulpit and how about telling us when to do it and giving us the time to do it. I think too many people just do it without thought and too many priests don’t give us time to do it before starting the reading.

The Sign of Peace as performed at St Luke’s parish (Fairfax) is a brief internal reflection with no handshake or wave. Father Henry Furman, our pastor, brought this form to us. It goes something like “And now let us take a moment to ask for God’s peace in our world, in our families, and in our hearts”. It is a quiet and solemn moment. Very appropriate in my opinion.