Daily Homily, Memorial of St. Pius X

August 21, 2013

When reading Scripture, one can choose to place oneself within different characters in the passage. Today, I considered myself as one of those workers who was grumbling at the end of the day that I had worked all day and deserved more than those who only worked an hour.

I thought, “Yes, you have been that person at times in your life thinking that you deserve more praise than others because maybe your work was better or you worked harder and longer.”  But then the teacher or the boss didn’t notice and chose to praise everyone else and I found myself getting angry and then maybe saying or doing hurtful things in retaliation. I have been there …

Not a good place to be. But then I learned that you do what you do as well as you do for the sake of a job or something well done and to stop worrying about what others are or are not doing.  That is a good place to be …

This is especially true of witness and mission in the Church. As we strive to spread the “Good News” and work as hard as we can and as well as we can for the sake of God’s kingdom, at the end of the day the wage we will earn is to hear “Well, done, good and faithful servant. Come share your master’s joy.” That is nothing we earn, nothing we deserve, but something that is given out of God’s own love for us all whatever the hour may have been when we heard His call.