Daily Homily for Monday August 5

Complain, complain, complain…. Sometimes when one reads Exodus and Numbers, that’s all the Israelites seem to do. Complain.

Exodus 16:2 Why did you take us here to starve?
Exodus 17:2 No water to drink.
Exodus 20:15 You speak to us instead of G-d, please…
Exodus 32:1 This guy who dragged us out of Egypt, where is he?
Numbers 11:1 Everyone took to complaining.
Numbers 11:4 We haven’t had meat in a while, fish was free in Egypt, we had great cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic.
Numbers 11:5 We’re sick of manna.
Numbers 14:2 (just after the spies) If only we had died in Egypt or had died in the desert.

If only we had died in Egypt…. wow! Memories can be so short at times, can’t they.

Yet, even in the face of all this kvetching, God (while losing his patience at times) hears their cries and responds. It is not the Almighty who is the inconsistent one in these stories.

Perhaps we might consider the necessity of keeping the bigger picture of one’s life in focus when the moments of suffering and discomfort occur. Then we will be able to see and remember the larger plan God has for us so as to avoid falling into the trap of thinking in the trials of the moment that God’s favor is gone.



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Excellent model for what a daily Mass homily should be!