An incredible message of faith from a young man I know.

All I can say is “wow! I asked his permission to publish this. He said, “If it helps one person to find faith …” When I read this the first time, I was just overwhelmed

Please read this if you get a chance … and pray for him and his brother. They were adopted over 17 years ago and have had to overcome a lot in their young lives. And so, in his own words:

“To each and everyone of you I am writing to express my sincere love and thanks for being in my life.
I am facing a turning point in my life and I am a little frightened about my future. I have spent many sleepless nights since last Monday when I was given the news that my heart condition has changed and will change my daily life. Of course they are doing further tests but, the damage found on my echo and my stress test is not something that can or ever will repaired. The Doctor has told me the best we can hope for is to stabilize my heart as it is today and avoid cardiac failure and further decline right now.

The problem is there is no cure for restrictive cardiomyopathy.

My dearest twin brother who suffers everyday has the same condition but they talk around him and say right now he has a good quality of life and that must be weighed in the decisions they make for him. What I hear them saying is if, God forbid, he were to go into cardiac failure it would be okay [to let him go] because his other problems are life long and his death would be a relief for him because his life holds no promise.

That just makes me angry [my brother] teaches more than he learns. He teaches me about accepting pain, seizures,
shaking and shivering bones, his description of Parkinsons, and his mental challenges with such courage and strength, he is my Hero! No one gets to dismiss him and what he has to offer to a world that just not get what it is to be challenged or be different. When I stand with him I feel so small because his work is to truly change the world and the way they think about the weakest in our society.

Having said that I will undergo all these tests so that they can help him and me! For him I will endure what I must.
As I reflect on my last 17 years so many of you have been there in my failures and my triumphs for I had my fair share of both.

I have leaned on you when I was weak and could not carry the Cross sent my way. I have celebrated with you on the days I have overcome the odds and made baby steps toward a bright future.

Reflecting it is the way of the Cross and always knowing My loving Father in Heaven rejoices in my successes and hears my every prayer and sees my every tear. He never leaves me alone and I know I have been placed in this life within this family and this community to spread the Gospel in word and action.

I can not say not today I am too young because in the depth of my heart I have been called in the silence of the night. I have heard my name called and I can not refuse who I am nor say “no” to His will.

This week I ask each of you to walk with me. I am weak and need to know that you all are there as was Simon of Cyrene to be called when I fall under the weight of the cross. I have my own mother who is following me and her eyes are filled with tears but, she too believes she is but the instrument of her loving merciful Father who heard her “yes” to His will in her life many years ago.

Then there are you all who will wipe my brow and, yes even weep for me. Yet, do not weep for me for I was born to fulfill His will and accept all that comes with this. Weep rather for those who can not accept the pain and suffering that alone will bring peace into our world.

I ask nothing more than your prayers, love, and support in the week ahead. You all hold a very special place in my Heart and today it is broken to the point of tears. Healing is what I pray for as Jesus spoke to His Father in the garden ” if this cup could pass from me let it pass but, not my will but, yours be done.” He taught us all to pray, praising God, accepting his will, and pleading for forgiveness for those whom we have transgressed against. I do the same this morning. Forgive me if I have ever wronged you and know I have forgiven you without your asking.

Be kind, at peace, and loving to everyone in your life. Hug them and forgive them and from near and far hug and forgive me.

Know I love each and everyone of you and will offer each tear, each fear, and each pain for you and all those you love in your life.

I find my inner Peace because each of you has shared your love and compassion with me on my journey!

I hope this brings you as much Peace as it has brought me.
I find it somewhat prophetic that this Friday at noon I will be walking the halls of the hospital toward my test where they will lay a machine weighing about 25-30 pounds on my chest for this test! Jesus knew as I do the weight of this present day Cross is what I must endure!! I will be praying for each of you on that day! Because you all have shared so much of your faith with me!

I have heard my mother’s quiet fingers on her Rosary every night of my life and she has the greatest Faith of anyone even greater than some religious! She has been ever true to her name, Mary the Mother of Jesus who said the first “yes” not knowing what would come to be. My Mother said “yes” some 18 years ago in faith and is forever faithful to that yes though her heart has been pierced over and over!

Pray for me one and all,




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Holy Mary , mother of God , pray for Reggie now and at the hour of his death. Amen