“Ad limina 2012” – Part 2

My second video podcast from the “Ad limina” visit to Rome follows. I’m getting better: I’m back further from the camera and I even added a title page. Please note that I had to cut it short to prevent going over the 15 minutes that YouTube allows so the video ends a bit abruptly.

Click for the video: “Ad limina 2012″ – Part 2

Some splendid pictures:

His Holiness Benedict XVI and Bishop Christopher Coyne
The Bishops of Indiana and His Holiness
A splendid group photo.
Mass at St. Paul Outside the Walls.
Principal Celebrant, Bishop Dale Melczek of the Diocese of Gary
Deacon Ben Ross of Gary as well
The “ad limina” bishops at Mass,
St. Paul Outside the Walls



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Hey I see my local Bishop there, Bishop Doherty! Say hi for him from me (Von from Trinity) anyways, I just wanted to ask where Archbishop Bushlein would be? (I think I mispellled his name)

+AB Buechlein is at St. Meinrad’s Abbey in Meinrad, IN.